What is the Custom Cleaning and Why is So Popular?

In many cases customer want us to clean only specific areas. This is called a Custom Cleaning.  There are also many reasons why customers want us to do that. The main reason is that they want to save some money because they don’t need to clean whole house. There are 2 options with custom cleaning.  They can hire us for a certain amount of hours based on their budget or hire us for cleaning certain areas of the house. Each method has their advantages and disadvantages.

Custom cleaning based on hours.

For example if you hire us for 2 hours only that means that our cleaners will clean only for 2 hours and you will pay for 2 hours.  Very simple concept. You have total control over your budget however there is no guarantee that everything you want to clean in this time frame will be done. This can be issue in same cases cause customer usually is not able correctly estimate areas that need us to clean and this can be very disappointed for them. Especially when they found out that not everything they need it to clean was done. Customer before hand know that there is no guarantee or  refund or discount for that. However we trying to help them giving them estimates for whole house and certain areas so they now approximately  for how many hour they should hire our cleaners. Again there is no guarantee that estimation will be correct but will be very close. Cleaners actually can really help customer to understand situation before they start. Just you have to trust them. They are professionals in this areas. In this method of custom cleaning we highly recommend that you should prioritize cleaning tasks for cleaners in order to have done what is most important for you. Also be present during cleaning in case they think it is easy to clean.

Custom Cleaning Based on Areas

There are many option how to use this method.  Maybe customer have some areas or rooms in the house already be cleaned and they want to finish others areas or they have roommates and they don’t want to be charge for cleaning of their roommate’s room. Sometimes they are just not using some parts of the house so it doesn’t make sense to clean those areas and be charge for it. Area based custom cleaning is possible to provide only if the cleaning company is charging based on hourly rate. This area type of custom cleaning is very similar to normal whole house cleaning where we give customer  hourly estimate where in some cases can go over estimate in case house need it or be less than we estimated. So it can go over customer budget.Customer don’t have that solid control over budget as was describe in first option. If customers decide to have custom cleaning each and every time regularly we can establish price for it and this price will stay the same each and every time .

Final thoughts and suggestion.

To give customer estimate for the whole house over the phone is much easier than to give you estimate for only some areas. Custom cleaning can always save you money because you don’t paying for the whole house. Also there is not big saving with skipping room compering with bathroom or kitchen cos bathroom and kitchen takes 5 times more times than bathroom or kitchen or cleaning refrigerator.